St. Michael's National School - Network Upgrade
We were delighted to allocate over €1,500 for the installation and upgrade of St. Michael’s National School’s network infrastructure. Specifically, achieving 100% consistent WiFi coverage for the entire school.
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New Bluescope Office
We are incredibly excited to announce that after months of preparation and hard work, we have moved into our new Bluescope office!
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Wembley Rovers
Supporting our local community is a core value at Bluescope. Which is why we were delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor Wembley Rovers, a local Limerick soccer team full of amazing people.
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Worst Passwords of 2021
Learn about the most common and worst passwords of 2021 – according to SplashData and NordPass. If you find that your password(s) are on this list, we plead that you immediately change it to a strong one.
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Fun and Interesting Facts about Technology - Part 2
The second instalment to our 30 Days of Tech, learn about some of the Fun and Interesting Facts about Technology - Part 2.
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How can you protect yourself from a Cyber Attack?
Cyber Security is a popular topic that is increasingly on everyone's minds, but, what is a Cyber Attack and how you can protect yourself?
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Computer Security Day - November 30th
We celebrate Computer Security Day by ensuring our computers, servers, and devices are secure and safe from hackers and other security risks.
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Fun and Interesting Facts about Technology
Learn about some fun and interesting facts from the world of Technology.
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Top tips to make your computer feel like new
Depending on the extent of your computers slowness, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks that you can try yourself to make your computer speed up a little.
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