Donation to St. Michael’s National School

Each year, Bluescope set aside a sum of money for donations to be put towards improving the quality of life of not-for-profit communities and/or organisations in Limerick.

We were delighted to allocate over €1,500 for the installation and upgrade of St. Michael’s National School’s network infrastructure. Specifically, achieving 100% consistent WiFi coverage for the entire school.

Prior to the network upgrade, the school’s internet was inconsistent and spotty. If anyone in the school, students or teachers, wanted a chance of getting a decent internet connection, they shared a portable hotspot.

We understand how important it is to educate young minds via a vast medium of technology, such as: iPads, tablets, laptops, and interactive boards. Which is why it is so important to have a solid network infrastructure.

A big thank you to the students of St. Michael’s National School who designed a beautiful poster for us, which will be placed proudly on our office wall.