Website Administration Service

Not all businesses have the resources on-site to manage their websites. In most cases you do not require a full-time employee whose expense cannot be justified. It is best managed by an outside team of professionals whom you can choose to pay as-you-go or pay a nominal monthly retainer based on the estimated number of hours to handle site administration.

The Content Management Systems (CMS’s) we manage include: WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and Joomla.

Avail of our professional services and our team will successfully administer and manage your website including updates, upgrades, changes, backups and more.

Copyrighting or graphic design services are not provided in website administration packages.

Website Administration
Below is a list what is included in our Website Administration package.

Website Administration can provide you with:

Website Backups

We will backup your website on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis – depending on your needs.


We will ensure that your website components, plugins, and software remain up to date to avoid any security threats.

Text & Image Edits

Content can be updated and edited on your website, provided by you.

Blog Updates

Got a new Blog or Latest News post you want up on your website? Send us the content and we will insert and format on your website.

New Page Creation

If you have a new product, service, or perhaps just an informational page you want to promote on your site, we will insert this and link across your website.

Monitor Uptime

We’ll monitor the uptime of your website to ensure it continues to run smootlhly at all times with no disruptions.

Tailor your package

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Managed Services

Did you know that Website Administration is included under one Managed IT Services agreement? Managed IT Services for your business includes:

  • 60-minute business critical SLA;
  • Fixed costs;
  • All your essential IT support;
  • And more.

Find out more about Managed Services and gain control over your IT today.