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IT Installation

In the ever-evolving technology sector, new technologies are emerging every day. Many of these technologies are implemented into a business’s every day operations – however, these must first be installed.

At Bluescope Technologies, we understand the costly price tag that accompanies the installation of new hardware, software, and networks within an organisation. This is why we aim to provide businesses with competitive pricing across all of our IT Installation services.

All of our installation services are available during out-of-office hours to ensure that business disruption is kept to a minimum.

Get it right, first time around

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Installation Services


Workstations such as desktops and laptops, servers, printers, and other devices.


Microsoft applications among many other softwares used within a business.


Periodic backup configuration of all data and applications.


Anti-virus’s and firewalls to ensure your data is kept secure at all times.


Repair or replacement of hardware devices and reconfiguration of software.


Design and implement an effective network infrastructure, best suited to your business’s needs.