Bluescope was approached by Wokking in July 2020 to discuss a website redesign project for their restaurant, wokking.ie. Wokking previously operated a standard website that included information and images of their restaurant. The aim of their new website was to promote their restaurant online by means of having their menu displayed online without the need of downloading a PDF. Furthermore, they wanted to integrate their new ordering system to allow customers to view and purchase from their online menu.

The Wokking restaurant was established in 1992 as one of the first Chinese sit down and takeout restaurants in Limerick City. Wokking has become a staple for modern Chinese Cuisine.

Wokking’s food menu, full of many delicious dishes, was added to the new website and is available to view on all devices responsively. Customers have the option to jump directly to a section of their choice, i.e. Curry Dishes, from the sidebar. 

Before launching the website, we integrated their third-party ordering system into their website so that customers can quickly and easily order from the Wokking restaurant without having to leave the website.

The existing Wokking website remained live while we developed their new website in a staging environment. By working closely with the Wokking team, we were able to create a website tailored to their needs while keeping mobile functionality in mind. 

Before switching over to the new site, we ensured that all best practice SEO methods were in place. The new site replaced the old site with minimal disruption and has been running smoothly since its launch in January 2021. 



We heard of Bluescope through word of mouth from close companions. They were very friendly, helpful, easy to contact and extremely patient. They were helpful with ideas and also listened to our own ones too. We like many aspects, one of them being that the website is very user friendly for both customers and owners/users of the website. Great designs and suits our business. Overall, we are very happy, as it’s a huge upgrade from before. Would definitely recommend to others.

- Kevin Tsang, Wokking