Bluescope first met with ProLab in October 2018 to discuss the creation of a website with e-commerce functionality. This website was to be created with the purpose of selling high-quality prints and canvases to their photographer customers, at competitive prices.

ProLab have 7 years of photography experience so they understand what expectations their photographer customers have. They have been in the printing business over 2 years and they service amazing photographers across Ireland. ProLab focuses solely on the needs of photographers, which is why we they are not open to the public.

After much discussion of the specifications ProLab were looking for, we got straight to work on creating a mobile-friendly, e-commerce website in which pricing or the ability to purchase products would not be available to the public, prior to registering for an online account with ProLab. As ProLab caters exclusively to photographers, the option to accept or deny new registrations was enabled across the website.

Once a new user’s registration request was accepted, they could log into the site with an auto-generated secure password and they could then purchase prints and canvases through the website. Once a new user has purchased their x amount of prints/canvases, the option to upload their specified artwork would appear. As a photographer’s artwork can be of very highly quality, we have set the maximum upload size to 2048mb. In the backend of the website, ProLab can download a .zip file of the images to be printed and dispatch accordingly.

With ProLab’s website now up and running, their customers can begin registering and purchasing from the online platform, lowering administration costs for ProLab, and allowing them more time to continue creating high-quality prints at affordable prices.

Duration of Development

Bluescope began website development in November 2018 and the website was completed in January 2019.

Project Duration10 weeks