Website Development Questionnaire

All our websites are built using either the CMS (Content Management System) WordPress or Joomla, you can choose which you are more comfortable or familiar with. All websites are developed to be high-end, responsive, and user-centric websites to identify with your business’s core marketing strategies and company values.

Please take your time to answer all questions as the answers you provide will assist us in creating you your perfect website.

1. Corporate Identity

Company Logo
Max. file size: 4mb (jpg, jpeg, png, pdf)



2. Domain Name

Do you currently own a domain name for this website?

If so, what is your domain name



3. Briefly describe what your company does:



4. What is the sole purpose of this website?

Other than providing information about your business to users online and gaining a social presence, please tick which you would consider to be the sole purpose of your website.

E-commerceBlogNews or EventsSupportInformational



5. Target Audience

Please select all that apply.


< 1818-2425-3435-4445-5455-6465+





6. Web Pages

Please make a list of all the landing pages you would like to display on your website.



7. The website would need to include the following features:

Login/registerForumBlog sectionNewsletterEnquiry formsFAQ section


Please select which social media channels you would like displayed/integrated, if any:


Accessibility and usability features - Will web visitors have any special needs? (eyesight, mobility, reading level, etc.) If so, please state below:


Additional features:



8. Does your business already operate a Google Analytics account structure



9. Design

Is there a specific colour scheme in which you would like your website to have? If so, please provide us details of the chosen colour palette, or please feel free to upload any images of your chosen colour scheme below.


Image of colour scheme (if available)
Max. file size: 4mb (jpg, jpeg, png, pdf)


Do you have any remarks on what you DO NOT want to have on your website? Such as moving pictures, videos, certain colours, etc.



10. Content

Do you have the written content and images prepared for these pages?



11. Keywords

If someone were searching for your products/services, what types of search terms (single words or phrases) might they use? Please list the major search terms you can think of.

Please separate keywords/phrases using commas.



12. Favourite Websites

Please list some websites in which you like and tell us what you like about them.

Website 1


Website 2


Website 3



13. Maintenance

Will there be sections of the website that will require regular updating? i.e. latest news, events, blog, etc.


Bluescope provide training for a user to become an administrator of the website.

However, we provide a Website Administration Service which outsources all website maintenance to us. These include; regular updates, content changes, backups, software upgrades, and much more each month. As a result of this service, your business can spend less time operating your website and spend more time growing your business. If you would be interested in such services, please contact us.



14. Other

Is there anything else we should know? Please provide details below, if any.


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Website Design and Development

We have vast experience of working with the open source CMS systems, WordPress and Joomla, which allows us to create eye-catching websites for your ever-growing business.

We work closely with all of our website design clients to ensure that we build your perfect website. Most of our website development projects are completed within 6 – 12 weeks, see our Portfolio to view some of our past website development projects.

At Bluescope, our aim is to create high-end, responsive, and user-centric websites to identify with your business’s core marketing strategies and company values.

New or Existing

Upgrade an existing website or create a new striking website

Mobile Friendly

We ensure all our websites are 100% responsive so that your clients can view your website on any device


All of our website are equipped with SEO best practices to help you rank higher in Search Results


Upon website completion, we provide an optional once-off training session