St. Michael’s National School

ClientSt. Michael's National School
Project100% Consistent WiFi Coverage

About the Project

We recently undertook the project to upgrade St. Michael’s National School’s network infrastructure. Specifically, achieving 100% consistent WiFi coverage for the entire school.

Prior to the network upgrade, the school’s internet was inconsistent and spotty. If anyone in the school, students or teachers, wanted a chance of getting a decent internet connection, they shared a portable hotspot.

We procured and installed enterprise-grade equipment throughout the school. This consisted of:

  • Ubiquiti Access Point U6 Lite. QTY: 7
  • Ubiquiti Dream Router. QTY: 1

The above hardware was configured and installed throughout the school to achieve 100% internet coverage. As of now, internet users can roam freely around the school with their connected device, while on a solid internet connection. 

The final installation took place on November 25th 2022.