Cellar Link Vendor Centre

Cellar Link Vendor Centre


Bluescope was approached by an Australian-based company named Cellar Link Pty Ltd in early 2016 to discuss the development of a website to promote their new service – Cellar Link Vendor Centre. Cellar Link is the proud owner of the e-commerce site Cellar Link – Marketplace, whom have become known as the largest stockist of premium Australian wine from top wine producers. Cellar Link – Marketplace is trading in London, Sydney, and Hong Kong, and sells wines from France, Spain, Italy, USA, and from around the world together with whiskies, spirits, beers, and cider.

Their new service, Cellar Link Vendor Centre, is an extension to their brand which promotes their newly developed application, Vendor Management Portal (VMP). This application is available to users who wish to set up an account through their Cellar Link Vendor Centre website and allows these users to sell their beverages on Cellar Link’s e-commerce site. By setting up an account with their Vendor Centre, users gain access to revolutionary VMP software which allows users to sell, promote and analyse their sales – all through one platform.

As Cellar Link is trading in London, Sydney, and Hong Kong, they required three websites which can be customised to the needs of each region.

Duration of Development

The three Cellar Link Vendor Centre websites took Bluescope approximately two months to complete and all three websites went live in June 2016.


Bluescope retained Cellar Link Vendor Centre as a client by availing of our Website Administration Service, which outsources all website maintenance to Bluescope. We provide Cellar Link with regular updates, content changes, backups, software upgrades, and much more each month. As a result of this service, Cellar Link can spend less time operating their website and spend more time growing their business.

ClientCellar Link Vendor Centre
IndustryBeverage Management
Project Duration8 weeks

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